Protein Power!

There was a time when I was new to the world of physical culture.  It was a time when of taking broscience seriously. That time had passed. And while I am still fairly new the study of sports science some things have already presented themselves to be as fact, while others have fallen by the wayside.

Whey protein (whey or any of the other variations) is one of the biggest supplements of any serious (or one that likes to think that they are serious) gym-goer.…

Tempering Expectations

Recently I was scrolling through my Instagram feed. Profile surfing. When I noticed a pattern of ripped, chiseled, cut personal trainers promoting various weight cutting methods and routines that promise to have you feel good, look good for the beach in no time. Self-esteem is nice and all. I do follow these people because on the whole I do agree with their methods when it comes to exercise technique and strength gain.…

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Why I Value Barbell Squats So Much…

Sound advice on why squatting should be a staple of your training!

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